March 27-29, 2023

Where: Sunset Hills Baptist Church

9416 Pacific St. Omaha, NE 68114

2023 Prairie Pastors Conference Schedule

Monday, Mar 27 (1:30 pm) to Wednesday, Mar 29 (12:00 pm)

Speakers: International Ministries Global Servants

Dwight & Barbara Bolick, Toya Richards, Keith & Debbie Meyers

2023 Prairie pastors conference

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2023 Prairie Pastors Conference

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2023 Prairie Pastors Conference

Monday, Mar 27 (1:30 pm) to Wednesday, Mar 29  (12:00 pm)

Sunset Hills Baptist Church

9416 Pacific St

Omaha, NE 68114

2023 Prairie pastors conference

Speakers and schedule

2023 Prairie Pastors Conference Speakers

Each of our 2023 Speakers are partners with International Ministries and will be sharing with us from their expertise, as well as encouraging a two-way dialogue on how local church pastors and global servants (missionaries) can help encourage, resource and equip each other in the work of God's Kingdom. 

Dwight & Barbara Bolick, College Station, Texas

     Dwight and Barbara Bolick are Global Servants on special assignment, based currently in College Station, Texas.  Barb is completing a PhD in Youth Development, in order to make Talita Cumi Girls' Clubs Project both evidence based and effective.  She is introducing the Girls Clubs in Bolivia, and continues to support the program in Chile, as she provides mentor training and contextualized written materials.  Dwight is training partners in Central America in rainwater harvesting, installing model systems, and encouraging the use of this water-collection method in addressing the severe water crises throughout the region. 

Toya Richards, Cape Town, South Africa

    Endorsed to serve as a teacher and professor at the Cape Town Baptist Seminary, Toya Richards serves with IM's partner the Baptist Union of Southern Africa.  Drawing on her extensive career and experience in print journalism and communications, Toya will teach intermediate to advanced English language skills and research methodology, preparing students to meet the demands and requirements needed for advanced seminary studies.  She will also be involved in emerging community initiatives through the CTBS Center for Biblical Justice.  Toya is currently building her Mission Partnership Team and raising the funds needed to begin her ministry in South Africa. 

Keith and Debbie Meyers, Central Mexico

Keith and Debbie Meyers partner with the Council of Rural Indigenous Evangelicals of Mexico, AR, to provide pastoral accompaniment to the indigenous churches.  This consists of training pastors, church leaders, youth leaders, and teachers for the children.  They serve in four states in Mexico and work with 34 churches within these states to empower the people. 

2023 Prairie Pastors Conference Schedule

Monday March 27, 2022

1:30 pm Pre-Conference Orientation to ABC Life

3:30 pm Registration

5:15 pm Welcome

5:30 pm Dinner – Provided by MMBB

6:45 pm Worship

7:00 pm Presentation by Dwight & Barb Bolick

Fellowship time

 Tuesday March 29, 2022

9:30 am Worship

10:00 am Session #1 Missionary Panel/MMBB

10:50 am Break

11:00 am Session #2 Missionary Panel/MMBB

11:50 am Lunch - hosted by individual regions

1:30 pm Free Time/MMBB & speakers available for discussions

American Baptist Foundation presentation at 1:30 pm

Dinner on your own

6:45 pm Worship

7:00 pm Presentation by Keith & Debbie Meyers

8:30 pm Group Photo and Fellowship Time


Wednesday March 30, 2022

 9:15 am Worship

9:30 am Presentation by Toya Richards

10:30 am Break

10:45 am Closing Worship and Communion



You will need to arrange your own accommodations.  There is no conference hotel.