2021 SD Men's Round Up

Camp Judson

August 27-29

Guest Speaker:

Rev. Clyde Teel

click here for schedule: 2021_Roundup_Program.pdf

2021 SD Men's round up

Camp judson

AUGUST 27-29, 2021

Round Up the men and boys, and head 'em out to Camp Judson for a great weekend to grow in your faith, bond in fellowship, relax, have fun, and eat some great food! No need to preregister, just register between 3:00 – 5:00 PM on Friday, August 27 at Camp Judson. 


Costs: $95 (ages 15 and older); $70 (ages 6-14); $ half price for pastors and staff; $45 one-day rate; FREE (ages 5 and under); additional charge of $40 per room for cabins 1,  2, and 3, and the Inspiration Lodge.

Weekend Schedule:  2021_Roundup_Program.pdf

Promotional Poster:  2021_Round_Up_Poster.pdf

2019 SD Men's Round up

SD Men's round up

camp Judson, sd