Prairie Pastors Conference 2021

Catalyst: Building Uncommon Connections

Catalyst: Building Uncommon Connections is a unique training and integration process for pastors and churches in the American Baptist Churches of the Central, Dakotas, Nebraska, and Mid-America Regions. Recognizing our communities are filled with ethnic, racial, political, social, and economic diversity, Catalyst provides training and ongoing resources to help pastors and congregations build uncommon connections in their local contexts.

Funded by a Palmer grant from the American Baptist Foundation and the American Baptist Home Mission Society, Catalyst will provide a one-day Zoom training event from 1-4pm CST on February 11, 2021. Keynote speakers, Rev. Anne Scalfaro of Calvary Baptist Church and Rev. Dr. Eugene Downing of New Hope Baptist Church in Denver, CO, continue to build an uncommon connection among themselves and their congregations. They will share how they are fostering a multiracial relationship with their congregations and continue to bear witness to Christ as ministry partners in the Denver area. Their story will inspire you to develop your own unique uncommon connections in your local ministry context.

Following the one-day training event, local churches will build uncommon connections in their local context with ongoing support from their ABC Region and Catalyst grant. Local churches and pastors will also have access to a website with dozens of resources and a dedicated social media page for ongoing conversations and idea sharing with other Catalyst participants.

February 11, 2021 Zoom Schedule:

1pm Log-in and introductions

1:05 Catalyst: Building Uncommon Connections with

Rev. Anne Scalfaro and Rev. Dr. Eugene Downing

1:55 Break-out discussions

2:25 Further explanation of the Catalyst grant

2:35 Share break-out discussion insights

Question and response with speakers and region staff

3:00 Break-out with Regions

Door Prize give-a-way’s

Begin brainstorming uncommon connections in your local context

Further questions and response

Next steps

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2019 featured Speaker, Ron Sisk

Ron provided practical and thought-provoking information related to effective preaching.  He was also kind enough to provide his presentation notes for those who could not attend, or for those wanting a review:




Listen to conference sessions on audible files:

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:


The Prairie Pastors Conference brings together the ABC USA regions of Central (Kansas), Mid-America (Iowa, Minnesota), Nebraska, and the Dakotas.  The conference is held at Sunset Hills Baptist Church in Omaha, NE, and typically has over 100 pastors attending.  The conference also offers an Orientation to ABC Life for new pastors. 

Rev. Ruth Skar, ABC Dakotas Associate Executive Minister, was a speaker for the new pastors orientation.